Automator app to reboot from OSX into Windows

May 24th, 2013 by Mark Nanut Leave a reply »

To reboot from OSX into Windows directly, I have tried using the application called Bootchamp. It does work all right, mostly, except that by rebooting via BootChamp the volume and brightness controls under Windows don’t work anymore. To overcome this I have tried to reboot into Windows via preference pane Startup Disk and in this case the brightness and volume controls in Windows work the way they should. So I put together this Bootchamp alternative of sorts: an inglorious Automator app to reboot into Windows via StartupDisk.prefpane. Here is the app – together with the script which you should tweak to your own liking (change volume names) or re-record in order for it to work: Download

One thing though: this will set Windows as the startup volume and this change will stick until you set otherwise. To overcome this, you can devise another Automator app in the same vein to reboot from OSX into, well, OSX. :)

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