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Permanently disable vertical sync in OSX (BeamSync) for faster UI

July 8th, 2011

Higher FPS with BeamSync off(disables BeamSync automatically at every login)

Here is a simple Automator application I put together to automatically disable BeamSync when logging into Snow Leopard. It’s not a particularly elegant solution, but gets the job done; I have been searching online for that one program which supposedly existed some time ago on the link, with no success. The other option – to modify with Property List Editor and put value of “deferredUpdates” to 0, just didn’t work for me, not even when doing a terminal command “sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ Compositor -integer deferredUpdates 0″ and rebooting – the changes just won’t stick.

Update 7.8.2013: Finally somebody created a REAL app for disabling Beamsync, without needing to use Quartz Debug. It is called BeamSyncDropper and you can get it here. It also works with Snow Leopard.
Update 24.5.2013: Here’s a newer automator app that works with Quartz Debug 4.0 and Snow Leopard and later OSX versions. You can download QD 4.2 from here. Download the zip with automator app from here. Put the Quartz Debug app in the Application folder, then launch the automator app from anywhere. What the automator app does: it launches Quartz Debug, enables QuartzGL and disables BeamSync and hides Quartz Debug app. Changes won’t stick if we force-quit the app, so it must remain open – and hidden. That’s it, you can set the automator app to execute automatically at system launch.

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