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Maximize battery cycle time and extend Macbook battery life

June 28th, 2009

batteryWant to extend a working session on a Macbook Pro battery from, say, 2 hours to 3.5 hours? Then read this post. If you are looking merely how to extend your Macbook battery life to make it last longer in terms of months or years, there are loads of other resources on the web. Still, applying the methods explained in this post will result in less battery drain, which in turn will also extend overall battery life of your Macbook Pro. In this post I’m explaining primarily methods to squeeze most juice out of your Macbook battery in a working session, and only indirectly – how to extend Macbook battery life.

I searched for a bit more advanced and less known methods to optimize Macbook (Pro) battery session beyond the usual ones (turn down screen brightness, turn off Airport and Bluetooth etc.) . I found a couple of promising ones, implemented them and I am happy with the results, to the extent that I may not need to buy a new Macbook Pro battery just yet. It’s now 39 months old with 506 loadcycles, and still has 75% capacity, which is almost spectacular for its age. Fully charged and optimized it now blasts out a bit more than 2.5 hours of working time – before the optimization I could hope for max 1.5 hours of fun. 66% percent increase in battery session time is certainly worth a look at, regardless of what condition your battery is in. So here is how to max out your Macbook battery. » Read more: Maximize battery cycle time and extend Macbook battery life

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